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Teaware : Tea Cups, Tea Pots and Infusers

One nice thing about tea, you don't need "a lot" to drink it. Any old cup, plus the tea of course, and you are pretty much good to go. However, like all things in life, having a few "tea accessories" can make preparing tea easier and drinking it more enjoyable.

And that is where this section of Tea Discussion comes into play. In this section, you can browse through some selection of nice and handy tea accessories, from tea pots, tea cups, infusers and electric tea kettles, among other things.

The products which are featured are from Dragonwater Tea Company and Amazon.Com. I've also included links to several other tea merchants online, so if you can't find something you are looking for at one place, you might be able to find it at another.

Tea Pots : For loose leaf tea, few things are better than a tea pot with a built-in infuser if you have to serve tea for more than one. Oh yeah, they are handy for boiling water too!

Tea Cups : Tea is so beautiful in color. So why drink it in a plain, ugly white mug where you can't enjoy the color? And if you need "tea for one", getting a tea cup with a built-in infuser is the ideal way to have tea quickly and easily.

Find Electric Tea Makers for the Home Electric Tea Makers : Boiling water on the range top is so slow and inprecise. If you need speed and want precise control over your water temperature...needed for green teas...an electric tea maker can make your life much easier and insure your tea comes out correctly.

Infusers : Just a quick and simple way to brew loose-leaf tea. Throw the tea leaves inside the infuser, put the infuser in your tea cup, and you're good to go.

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