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White Tea

White tea is the "premium tea" of the world. It is the rarest of the teas. And white tea also undergoes the least amount of processing...usually none at all, in fact, beyond simple withering and sun drying. White tea is named due to the white hairs that are on the unopened buds.

White tea is generally harvested in the early spring. Environmental conditions greatly play a role in exactly how and when the leaves themselves are picked, withered and dried.

The flavor of white teas tend to be subtle but will have markedly different tastes among the various types. Additionally, just like with other teas...infusions of various things can be added to white tea...providing a completely different and unique flavor.

Listed below is information about some of the types of white tea that are available.

Images, where shown, are courtesy of Culinary Teas and Adagio Teas.

White Teas from China

White Peony White Peony : This particular white tea comes from the Fujian province of China. The tea is very rare...and thus rather expensive. This tea is harvested in the spring and is created from tiny leaves and buds.

White Peony White Silver Needles : This white tea is considered a "premium white tea." The leaves are picked on only a handful of specific days each year. The processing is done entirely by hand. The tea is quite rare...and thus quite expensive. The tea itself is created from new buds that are very tender and look like "silvery needles," hence the name.

White Pu-erh Tea : This is the rarest, and in some ways, the oddest of the white teas. This tea is only grown high in the mountains. The processing of the tea is very labor intensive...one reason for its rarity and very premium price. The flavor of this tea is noted for it's near lack of bitterness and for being slightly sweet.

Gong Mei : This is considered an inferior grade of white tea in comparison to White Silver Needles and White Peony.

Shou Mei : This is considered the "lowest quality" of chinese white tea. The tea itself tends to have a stronger flavor than other chinese white teas

White Teas from India

White Peony White Darjeeling : India is more known for its black teas, but it also produces one of the finest and most delicate white teas too. This tea when brewed has a beautiful golden color to it. The taste is slightly sweet with a very delicate aroma. Considered one of the finest white teas around.

Assam White : While rather rare, white tea is indeed grown in the area of India that is far better known for its high quality black teas. White teas from the Assam region tend to have a slightly sweet taste to them in comparison to other white teas.

White Teas from Sri Lanka

Ceylon White : This tea is highly prized and very expensive. The tea is notable for its coppery infusion and tastes of pine and honey.

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