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Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is primarily grown and processed in China and Taiwan. The tea has a unique taste that is quite different from either green tea and black tea. As oolong tea leaves come from the real tea plant, camellia sinensis, oolong tea contains caffeine. The caffeine content of oolong tea is less than black tea but is more than green tea.

Oolong tea is known as a semi-fermented tea, as the tea is semi-oxidized. The tea leaves will have an oxidation amount of anywhere from 10% up to 70%. Additionally, oolong tea leaves are processed immediately after harvesting...unlike black tea leaves.

There are many different types of oolong teas. Some of the more popular and available types of oolong tea are described below. Images, where shown, are courtesy of Culinary Teas and Adagio Teas.

Types of Oolong Teas

Gunpowder Tea Leaves

Ti Kuan Yin : This is a tightly pelleted tea. The tea is commonly known as the 'Iron Goddess' and is very popular. The tea is characterized by it stout, crinkly leaves. This tea is grown in China.

Pouchong : This oolong tea is highly fermented and has long black leaves. This tea is very light and is one of the most floral of the oolong tea types. This tea is also commonly grown in Formosa (Taiwan) as well.

Tung Ting : This tea is considered one of the best teas from Taiwan. The tea is lightly fermented and has a light and gentle taste.

Formosa Oolong : This tea, also from Taiwan, is picked during the spring. The tea is well known to have a delicate flavor.

Darjeeling Oolong : A rare first-flush oolong tea from the Darjeeling region of India.

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