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So...what is flavored tea? That's a good question, and helpfully, a rather simple one.

A flavored tea is any tea (and by tea, we mean a "true" tea or one that contains leaves from the actual tea plant camellia sinensis) that has flavor added to it of one kind or another.

The two most common types of teas that have additional flavorings added to them are black tea and green tea. You will find flavored oolong and white teas too, but they aren't nearly as common.

There are an immense amount of flavored teas available today, particularly flavored black teas. Whether you want oranges, almonds, various other fruits, even candy cane, almost certainly there is a flavored tea out there for you.

Yet, several things to keep in mind, particularly in regards to flavored black teas. Black tea is a strong brew. It is common for the taste of black tea to overwhelm the other tastes that are infused into the tea. And this becomes even more so if you add milk/cream or sugar to the tea. I've tried many "orange black teas" hoping for a nice orange taste only to be greeted by a very strong black tea taste with hardly any taste at all of orange. Whether or not this will happen to you depends on the type of flavored black teas you get, the amount and quality of infused ingredients that provide the flavored taste, as well as how you brew the tea itself.

For people new to flavored teas, give strong thought to first trying out a flavored green tea instead - particularly if you enjoy a quality green tea now. Green teas do not have nearly the "potent" taste of a black tea. As such, I find flavored green teas to more fully reflect the flavor that has been added to them. I personally am hopelessly addicted to good lemon green teas and various "mint flavored" green teas.

Finally, note that many herbal teas are "flavored" to one degree or another. However, no herbal tea can ever be a "true flavored tea" since herbal teas do NOT contain actual tea leaves! It's a small point, to be sure, but one worth remembering. Because of this, always keep in mind that a true flavored tea has, as it's base, actual tea leaves (black, green, oolong or white). By contrast, a herbal tea has, at it's base, no tea leaves whatsoever.

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