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Black Tea

Black tea is the world's most popular tea, even if here in the United States black tea seems like somewhat of an after-thought, lost as it is among the maze of herbal teas and green teas.

Black tea, like other teas, are grown primarily in Asia...with China, Sri Lanka and above all India being the prime growing areas.

Due to the worldwide popularity of black tea, the production of black tea is becoming more concentrated among larger estates. Technology, both for processing the tea and for growing it (biotech) is also being incresingly used, particularly for Assam Black Tea.

Black Teas from China

Yunnan Black Tea Yunnan Tea (Dian Hong): A very popular black tea in China that is grown in the Yunnan province. It has several varities, including broken yunnan, yunnan gold and yunnan pure gold. High grades of this tea are less bitter than most other black teas and have a rather sweet aroma (for a black tea).

Keemun Black Tea Keemun Tea : A caffeine haters black tea...black tea made from this leaf have less than than black tea made from Assam leaves. The tea has a fruity aroma and can be more bitter than other black teas.

Lapsang Souchong Lapsang Souchong Tea : This tea is withered over pine or cedar fires, pan-fried, rolled and oxidized. It is then dried in bamboo baskets over burning pine. The tea has a distinct smoky aroma and can be a bit bitter.

Jiaqu Wuling Jiaqu Wuling Tea (Black Dragon) : Sometimes mistaken for a oolog tea, this black tea is fully fermented. The tea is know to have a relaxing taste with a coppery color once brewed.

Black Tea from India

Darjeeling : The "Champagne of Black Teas," darjeeling is the most sought after black tea. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas at an elevation of over 6000 feet, this tea has numerous "flushes", or when the tea is harvested. The "first flush" is considered the finest tea and is harvested in March. The "second flush", also highly prized, is harvested in May and June.

Assam : Assam is the most popular and most grown tea in India. Like Darjeeling, it has several "flushes," or when the tea is harvested. The first flush is harvested over the course of ten week beginning in March. The second flush is picked in June, with production taking place over the summer and early fall.

Nilgiri : Nilgiri is India's second largest tea growing region. The tea is grown at elevations from 1000 to 6000 feet. The tea itself is known for its strong aroma and flavor and it's bright color. Due to the strong taste, Nilgiri is frequently blended with weaker black teas.

Black Tea from Sri Lanka

Ceylon Black Tea Ceylon Black Tea : Black teas grown in Sri Lanka are known as Ceylon teas. These teas tend to have a light flavor with a crisp aroma. There are a number of varieties of ceylon black tea, depending on the elevation the tea is grown at. These varieties include Morawak Korale, Kandy, Uva, Dambulla and Dickoya, Nuwara Eliya.

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