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Dragonwater Strawberry Cream Rooibos Tea Review

If You Like Strawberries, You'll Like This Tea

Summary : This tea was a pleasant surprise. It nicely blends rooibos with a moderately strong strawberry flavor, with just a "hint of cream."

Review : Strawberries are such a summer thing. And perhaps because of this perception I have of strawberries, after freezing outside in the cold tonight, I was in the mood for something that reminded me of the summer that just ended.

So, I dug through my tea samplers and the first thing that looked interesting and which seemed like it might sweep me back to summer was a tea from the Dragonwater Tea Company (now out of business)called Strawberry Cream, a Rooibos Tea.

This tea contains the following ingredients : Rooibos blended with strawberry pieces, coconut shreds, and natural flavoring.

I'll confess. I've really come to enjoy "flavored" rooibos teas, and much prefer them over flavored black teas. The reason for this is because all too often flavored black teas taste like black tea, and you really have to hunt to find the infused flavors that have been added.

Thus, despite not being the world's biggest lover of strawberries, I was rather looking forward to giving this tea a try, all the more so I was also in the mood for something creamy.

The tea straight out of the bag kept my hopes high. The tea has a nice, strong aroma of strawberries. Always a good thing for a strawberry flavored tea. So, with happy thoughts in my mind, I began the 7 minute countdown while the tea brewed, hoping the flavor of the tea would match it's aroma.

It did, I'm happy to say. Like all other rooibos teas that have added flavorings in them, the tea has no bitterness at all. And the flavor of strawberry was quite pronounced, not horribly strong, but of moderate strength. Additionally, and very surprisingly, the tea indeed did have a light flavoring of cream. Now, don't get me wrong here. The flavor of cream was quite weak...you won't be mistaking it for a creamer or other "creamy things." But the flavor was still there, and did seem to blend quite nicely with the other ingredients.

And finally, there is the after-taste. Typically, I find rooibos teas tend to have moderate to weak after-tastes, unless some of the infused ingredients have very powerful flavors. In this case, I found the after-taste of moderate strength. You'll have a light, strawberry flavor on your tongue for a few minutes after you finish off the tea. But, it certainly doesn't compare to many other teas you can have that have after-tastes that linger seemingly forever.

Recommendation : Yes. If you enjoy a strawberry flavored herbal tea, you'll almost certainly enjoy this one. While the flavor of strawberry is only of moderate strength, I still enjoyed it. And unless you are looking for a tea that will serve as a "strawberry replacement," I think you'll like it too...assuming, of course, you enjoy strawberries to begin with.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Strawberry Cream Rooibos
  • Manufacturer : Dragonwater Tea Company
  • Available from : Dragonwater Tea Company (now out of business)
  • Type of Tea : Rooibos Tea
  • Leaf Type : Loose
  • Date of Review : November 12th, 2007
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Use 1 teaspoon of leaves. Pour 6 ounces boiling water over the leaves. Let brew for 6-10 minutes. A brew time of 8 minutes was used for this review.

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