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Art of Tea : Cherry Amaretto Rooibos Tea Review

Not a Substitute for a Mixed Drink That Contains Amaretto & Cherry

Summary : I found this tea to have far too weak of a flavor for my liking. I guess I was expecting a tea with a strong nutty and cherry flavor, but instead found a tea with just a little cherry flavor and virtually no flavor of amaretto.

Review : One of my favorite mixed drinks, which causes no end of teasing from my Mother for some strange reason, is Amaretto and 7-up. Or Amaretto with Sprite. Or Amaretto all by itself. In short, I love Amaretto liqueur.

Oh, and I love cherry, too. Which explains why I bought the Cherry Amaretto Rooibos sampler during my last order with Art of Tea. I was truly hoping for a tasty non-alcoholic replacement for my beloved Amaretto mixed drinks, minus the calories and tipsy side effects that sadly accompany alcoholic creations.

Art of Tea Cherry Amaretto

Here is how Art of Tea describes their Cherry Amaretto tea on their website : "This sweet and succulent blend delivers a rich nutty liquor with a smooth finish reminiscent of sweet, freshly ripened cherries."

The Cherry Amaretto tea from Art of Tea contains the following ingredients : Organic Fair Trade South African Rooibos, Organic Honeybush, Organic Black Currants, Natural Flavors.

When I popped the lid open on the sampler container, I'll confess I had moderately high hopes I might have found my long sought amaretto tea to replace my amaretto mixed drinks. The fragrance of the tea was moderately strong, and there was definitely a strong aroma of cherry and amaretto.

Unfortunately, the flavor of the tea did not live up to the teas fragrance or my expectations. While the tea tasted decent and was very smooth (as a good rooibos tea should be), I simply found the teas flavor to be far too weak for my liking. The amaretto flavor I so desperately sought was absent altogether, while the cherry flavor that I thought would dominate the tea was barely noticeable - at best.

Overall, this is an decent rooibos tea but one that lacks any sort of amaretto flavor and barely has a cherry flavor. Perhaps if you prefer weaker flavored rooibos teas, you'll enjoy this tea more than I did.

Recommendation : Maybe. If you're searching for a "tea version" of a alcoholic mixed drink that contains amaretto, you'll need to keep searching. Ditto if you're looking for a strongly cherry flavored tea. However, those who prefer a "straighter" roobios tea flavor with just a hint of cherry in the background might find this tea enjoyable.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Cherry Amaretto Tea
  • Manufacturer : Art of Tea
  • Available from : Art of Tea
  • Type of Tea : Rooibos Tea
  • Leaf Type : Loose Leaf Tea
  • Date of Review : December 15th, 2012
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Place 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea in an infuser. Boil 1 cup (8 ounces) of water. Pour water over the tea and wait 5-7 minutes. Seven minutes was used for this review.

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