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Adagio Teas : Rooibos Vanilla Tea Review

One of the Better Vanilla Teas Around

Summary : For a vanilla tea, this is quite good. But it is still no substitute for vanilla ice cream. Oh well...maybe someday.

Review : I'm truly a vanilla junkie. In the ice cream department, forget about chocolate or strawberry - I'm a vanilla person all the way. Same deal with yogurt. Despite the myriad of flavors available, my favorite always says "vanilla" on the yogurt carton.

As such, it is probably not surprising that I like to try vanilla teas, in search of the perfect "ice cream substitute." And believe me, I've tried lots of vanilla teas. But alas, I'm now coming to the unfortunate conclusion that me and vanilla teas just aren't meant to get along.

Yet, this rooibos vanilla tea from Adagio Teas comes about as close to a "good vanilla tea" that I've had. A rooibos tea, for those not familar with it, are a read tea and are grown exclusively in South Africa.

The ingredients of this tea are pretty simple, as many of these teas are from Adagio. The tea consists of organic rooibos tea leaves and natural vanilla flavoring. Nothing else.

Now, admittedly, I did have high hopes for this tea, despite disasters with other vanilla teas. Why? Well, several reasons. First, Adagio Teas in general just has some splendid teas. Secondly, I love rooibos teas! Particularly those that have been infused with mint or orange. And lastly, this tea smelled darn good right out of the little tin it came packaged in.

Yet, once brewed, the vanilla in this tea just didn't match what my taste buds were searching for, sadly. Now, don't get me wrong here, this tea has a very distinct vanilla taste. In fact, I'd have to say of all the vanilla teas I've tried, this rooibos tea has by far the strongest and most powerful vanilla flavor. But...it wasn't the vanilla flavor I was searching for! I was hoping for a "vanilla ice cream" replacement, but alas, this tea isn't it.

I even felt experimental with this tea. I added in some milk. That did basically nothing. So, feeling bolder, I dumped in a 1g nutra-sweet package into the teacup. Now, that did do something - making it sweeter and more palatable to my taste buds. Yet, it still didn't come close to ice cream!

Overall, if you like other vanilla teas in the world, you'll definitely like this one due to the strong vanilla flavor and quality rooibos tea leaves. But...if you are searching for a vanilla ice cream replacement, keep searching.

Recommendation : Yes. For individuals who enjoy other vanilla flavored teas, then this tea will definitely be a winner - probably in the 4 or 5 star category. Yet, I didn't particularly like the vanilla taste, due mainly to my desire to find a replacement for vanilla ice cream. Hence, I give it three stars.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Rooibos Vanilla Tea
  • Manufacturer : Adagio Teas
  • Available from : Adagio Teas
  • Type of Tea : Rooibos Tea
  • Leaf Type : Loose
  • Date of Review : November 19th, 2006
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Use 1 tsp of leaves. Heat 6 ounces of water to boiling. Pour over leaves. Let tea brew for 7 minutes.

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