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Adagio Teas Oolong #8 Tea Review

If You Like Straight Oolong Tea, Then This Tea is For You

Summary : This is a "straight," or unflavored oolong tea. The leaves are high quality and the taste is exactly what you would expect from a oolong tea that uses high quality tea leaves.

Review : My first "straight" oolong tea. I've come to like flavored oolong teas, or those teas that have "stuff" added to them, such as jasmine flowers. But, admittedly, I was worried that I might not like this tea, simply because this is a "straight" tea. And since I'm not a huge fan of straight black tea...and because oolong teas are somewhat similar in taste...I suspected that this tea and myself may not get along too well.

Oolong #8 Tea Leaves

And well, I was half right. This isn't my favorite, or even my near favorite, tea in my kitchen. But it was hardly a death-defying tea tasting experience either.

Admittedly, the aroma of this tea isn't going ot get your hopes up too much. Tea tea has a remarkably similar aroma to some black teas I've tried. And, let me just say, that was not good news on this Sunday night! Then again, the Dalls Cowboys were losing to the Saints...so the night wasn't a total loss.

Here is the description of this tea as provided by Adagio Teas : "Oolong tea from Taiwan. Formosa, meaning "beautiful" was what the Dutch explorers called this island. The oolong tea grown here continues to be called as such. The intense pungency and exquisite bouquet of Formosa Oolong tea is regarded to be the finest in the world. Our "Oolong Symphony no. 8," comprised of large "choicest" grade copper-red leaves with beautiful tips of silver is a wonderful introduction to this variety."

Happily, this tea surprised me. Despite my initial fears, this tea defiitely did not have the overpowering, rather bitter taste of a straight black tea. The best way to describe it is a taste the lies somewhere along the lines of a weak, bagged tea. There was no bitterness. No choking of the tea down was required. And at the same time, the coppery color of this tea was rather pleasant to look at, too.

Overall, if you've never tried a straight Oolong Tea before, then I would suggest giving this one a try...it is a good introduction to unflavored Oolong teas, just as Adagio Teas says it is. And, if you love straight Oolong, I suspect you'll REALLY like this tea due to the very high quality, silver-tipped leaves that are used.

Recommendation : Yes. Not my favorite tea...but it is a great tea to try to be introduced to oolong teas. And anyone who enjoys a "straight oolong tea," with nothing fancy added or infused, then this tea is likely to be "heaven sent."

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Oolong #8
  • Manufacturer : Adagio Teas
  • Available from : Adagio Teas
  • Type of Tea : Oolong Tea
  • Leaf Type : Loose Leaf
  • Date of Review : December 10th, 2006
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Pour 6-7 ounces of water heated to boiling over leaves. Let brew for 5 minutes.

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