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Montana Tea & Spice Mountain Huckleberry Tea Review

A Herbal Tea With A Nice Huckleberry Flavor To It

Summary : If you enjoy huckleberries, odds are strong you'll enjoy this pleasant and fruity tea. The flavor of huckleberries isn't overwhelming, but is quite distinct and enjoyable.

Review : When I lived in Northwest Montana, during some of my hikes I, quite literally, "ate my way up the mountain." You see, Northwest Montana is prime country for huckleberries...one reason the Grizzly Bears do so well (huckleberries are a primary food of bears in NW Montana). Because huckleberries are so abundant in NW Montana, when hiking, I'd hike a few yards, stop to nibble on some huckleberries, then resume my hike. The frequent result is that a hike of just two miles would take hours and I'd find myself on top of the mountain "rather full in the stomach," along with berry stains all over my fingers (not necessarily a good thing in Grizzly Bear Country!).

Due to the huckleberry craze found in Montana, it probably should have been no surprise that several huckleberry flavored herbal teas are available. One of which I was sent as a christmas gift. And so, feeling experimental one night, I decided to give this huckleberry tea that is put out by the Montana Tea & Spice Company a try.

This tea contains the following ingredients : Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Rosechips, Huckleberry Leaf, Blackberry Leaf, Cloves, Raspberry Leaf, Licorice Root, Extract.

As you can see, this tea has quite the grocery list of ingredients in it, somewhat to my surprise. Yet, no worry...the minute you take a whiff of this teas aroma you'll realize that this tea is indeed a huckleberry tea, despite all the other stuff that is thrown into it.

I was quite pleased with the flavor of this tea. Admittedly, never having tried a huckleberry tea before, I was more than a bit curious to see what it would taste like.

To sum up the taste, if you like raw huckleberries "off the vine" like I do...then the odds are good you'll enjoy this tea. While the flavor of this tea isn't nearly as strong or as sweet as a raw huckleberry, the huckleberry flavor in this tea is still quite strong and distinct.

And happily, all the other stuff in this tea didn't drown out the huckleberry flavor. In particular, I was worried that the Licorice Root in this tea would drown out the huckleberry flavor...as licorice is a natural sweetener and has an immensely powerful flavor to it.

Overall, if you ever feel experimental, I would definitely suggest giving this tea a try. Unfortunately, you won't be ordering this tea online, since at the time of this writing the Montana Tea & Spice Company was still doing business the "old fashioned Montana way," with no online ordering available. You'll need to call in/fax in/mail in your order, using their rather poor quality online catalog to do so.

Recommendation : Yes. If you are a huckleberry fan, or just want to try out what the bears of Montana eat, by all means...give this tea a try. The tea has a nice fruity, somewhat sweet taste that glides down nicely and has no bitterness to it.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Mountain Huckleberry Herbal Tea
  • Manufacturer : Montana Tea & Spice
  • Available from : Montana Tea & Spice Company
  • Type of Tea : Herbal Tea
  • Leaf Type : Bagged Tea
  • Date of Review : January 14th, 2007
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Pour boiling water over tea bag. Let brew 4-6 minutes.

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