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Republic of Tea Acai Green Review

A Very Different Green Tea Indeed

Summary : This is once of the more different green teas you can have. Indeed, it's taste more like a blueberry herbal tea. Because of this, if you enjoy berry flavored herbal teas...bluerberry in particular, you'll love this one. But if searching for a more traditional green tea flavor, look elsewhere, since you won't find it here!

Review : Well, it was a satisfying weekend indeed, at least in some ways. I'm from Wisconsin...thus I was born with a gene that forever makes me a Green Bay Packer fan. And wouldn't you know it, the Packers won on Saturday against Seattle, and even nicer, the New York Giants trumped Dallas. Thus, Brett Favre won't have to go back to the "House of Horrors" that is Dallas where he and the rest of the Packers always play terribly.

Thus, being in a happy mood, I began to dig around my tea samplers for something different to go with my happy mood...I always feel more experimental when happy. But before I began my search through my kitchen, I remembered the Republic of Tea catalog I got in the mail the other day. And as fortune had it, a tea bag for their new Acai Green Tea was included. So, out of laziness as anything else, I decided to give this different named green tea a try.

This green tea from the Republic of Tea contains the following ingredients : Green Tea Leaves combined with Acai bits.

Here is how the Republic of Tea describes this tea : "Açai (ah-sigh-ee) berry is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world. For centuries, inhabitants of the amazon rainforest have gathered these berries from the azaicero palm tree for their powerful health benefits. This deep purple fruit has the rich flavors of concord grape and ripe blueberries."

And yet more..."Healthy green tea is blended with acai which has the rich flavors of concord grapes and blueberries. Acai is part of a group of fruits termed "Superfruits" because of their exceedingly high amount of antioxidants. This delicious duo offers a one-two punch of antioxidants."

Well, for starters, the aroma of this tea was a surprise indeed. Indeed, I would have guessed this tea to be a herbal tea by the aroma...it was a pure berry fragrance, resembling but not identical to blueberry. The aroma wasn't overwhelmingly strong, but was still quite distinct.

Once I brewed up the tea, I got a even stranger surprise. Instead of a light green colored tea, this tea was a beautiful "pinkish red" in color! A green tea that brewed up pinkish-red? Huh? Well, I wanted something different...so I had no cause to gripe.

I admit I looked at this tea a bit dubiously. I mean, a pinkish-red green tea. Come on! On top of that, the tea really didn't have a strong aroma once brewed, making me all the more curious about it since I had no clue whatsoever what it might taste like. So, on the theory that nothing ventured is nothing gained, I gave this tea a try.

Yet another surprise. This tea tasted similar in many ways to other blueberry herbal teas I've had. To avoid confusion here, this is NOT a blueberry tea. But, the Acai berries of the Amazon rainforest do have a similar flavor to them. And similar to blueberries, the flavor is very strong. So strong in fact that you will NOT find a trace of your typical green tea flavor in this tea.

Thus, this tea neither looks nor tastes anything like a green tea. Instead, it looks and tastes like some strange herbal tea from another planet.

This obviously poses a dilemma for the tea snobs of the world. I mean, who wants to drink a pinkish-red green tea that tastes nothing like a green tea? Well, I'm not a tea snob, so happily, I was open minded about this tea.

And you know what, I enjoyed it. Even though blueberries really aren't my thing, I still found the strong fruity flavor of this tea rather enjoyable at this particular point in my life. Moreover, being a green tea, it is obviously a healthy tea. And the addition of Acai, which is apparenlty a very healthy fruit, makes it even a healthier tea.

Overall, this is a very different green tea indeed. And if you are feeling experimental, and like blueberries to some degree, this tea is certainly worth a try. Oh, I should mention, you won't find a trace of bitterness in this tea either.

Recommendation : I'll give Republic of Tea full credit here for bringing something very different to the world of green teas. Whether or not you'll enjoy it really depends on what you're looking for. Searching for that traditonal, grassy green tea flavor? Sorry...won't find it here. But if you like blueberries, especially blueberry flavored herbal teas, you'll fall in love with this tea...guaranteed.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Acai Green Tea
  • Manufacturer : Republic of Tea
  • Available from : Republic of Teas at Amazon.Com
  • Type of Tea : Green Tea
  • Leaf Type : Bagged
  • Date of Review : January 14th, 2008
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Pour water short of boiling over tea bag. Let brew 1-3 minutes. 2 minutes was used for this review.

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