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Numi Gen Mai Cha Toasted Rice Green Tea Review

Another Terrible Toasted Rice Green Tea

Summary : This tea is a superb tea to serve to people who you don't like. Give them this tea, and watch them head out the door in a hurry. Indeed...they may even leave while the tea is brewing due to the teas terrible aroma.

Review : I had a very bad tea tasting experience with another toasted rice green tea a number of months ago. Not surprisingly, I've been avoiding trying another toasted rice green tea, as I really don't consider myself a prime candidate for self-inflicted pain. Yet, I've always wondered...deep in my subconscious, if perhaps, just maybe, I got a bad batch of tea? Or perhaps I made it wrong? These lingering questions just wouldn't go away...and were beginning to make me a bit crazy.

And thus, on a cold April night here in Nevada, I got tired of my toasted rice green tea sampler bag from Numi Teas looking at me with an evil eye. And thus...if only to get this "tea tasting experience" out of the way, I summonded up what little confidence I could find and gave this tea a try....hoping, beyond hoping even...that somehow this tea might be better than the last toasted rice green tea I tried.

Here is how Numi describes this tea : "Japanese legend tells of a servant named Gen Mai who created this tea after rice fell from his pocket into a samurai's pot. The result was a nutty flavor that enriched the lively clean taste of Sencha, a traditional Japanese green tea. Picked in the spring, its needle-like leaves are rolled, flattened and steamed then blended with toasted rice to create a savory brew. With a bright yellow hue and robust aroma, Gen Mai Cha is a hearty and popular tea commonly served at meals, as it cleanses the palate."

This organic green tea from Numi contains the following ingredients : Organic Senchar Green Tea, Organic Toasted Rice.

As always...the description of this tea is exotic and nearly erotic. Numi does such a spelndid job of writing up their teas.

Yet, in the end, the only thing I can say about that description is...yes indeed...this tea will most certainly cleanse the palate, simply because one taste of this terrible tea and you'll need to drink a gallon of water to get the horrid taste of this tea out of your mouth.

Yes...this tea...like the other toasted rice green tea...is that bad.

The aroma of this tea out of the bag did little to lift my spirits...with perhaps the small exception that the tea didn't have quite the aromatic punch that the loose leaf toasted rice tea I tried had. And considering my last experience with this type of tea, I didn't especially consider that a bad thing this time around.

Yet...the warning signs began buzzing during the brewing process. I brewed my tea in the kitchen...20 feet from my computer. I put a lid over the cup. Yet...the terrible burning aroma of the last toasted rice green tea I had somehow found it's way over to my computer terminal...leaving me terrified that I was actually destined to drink this witches brew.

I brewed this tea for a scant 3 minutes...the minimum recommended time (I always wondered if I overbrewed the last genmaicha green tea I tried). Once the brewing time was over, I took the lid off the top of the cup, and was greeted with the absolutely wonderful aroma of burnt rice. YUMMY! NOT!!

Happily, being a bagged tea...this tea was slightly less powerful in aroma and taste once brewed than the loose leaf version I tried previously. As such, my kitchen happily does NOT smell like burnt rice or burnt water. But sadly...that is the absolute best thing I can write up about this tea.

In terms of flavor, what else is there to say...burnt rice. Want to try this at home? Put some rice in a frying pan with some oil, burn the rice, and there you go...the flavor of this tea in a nutshell. And the aroma...awful. Burnt rice aroma...not entirely pleasant.

Recommendation : NO. Beyond NO. This bagged tea from Numi is just as bad as the loose leaf version from Culinary Teas I tried...with just a bit weaker flavor and aroma as it is a bagged tea. Yet...the flavor is almost identical...which means it is identically bad. And the aroma was also identical too...which means the aroma of this tea is beyond terrible.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Gen Mai Chai Toasted Rice Green Tea
  • Manufacturer : Numi Teas
  • Available from : Numi Tea at Amazon
  • Type of Tea : Green Tea
  • Leaf Type : Bagged
  • Date of Review : April 14th, 2007
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Bring cold water to boil. Let cool briefly to just below boiling. Pour over tea bag. Let brew 3-5 minutes. A 3 minute steep time was used for this review.

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