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Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Garden Green Tea

A "Raspberry" Green Tea that Tastes a Bit Odd

Summary : Not a bad tea, but for me at least, the mixture of raspberry and green tea isn't my favorite thing. On the other hand, if you adore raspberries, I suspect you'll probably like this tea to some degree.

Review : After having two very good Celestial Seasonings teas, one a green tea and another one a raspberry tea, I felt it was time to experiment with a "mix" of each. You see, inside my green tea sampler box I had, I found a Raspberry Garden Green Tea. This seemed intriguing, to say the least, so after my previous two happy experiences with their teas, I felt it my "duty" to give this tea a try.

I began to get my hopes up even more after taking a whiff of the teas scent before brewing. The tea definitely had a strong scent of raspberry - but it wasn't overpowering by any stretch of the imagination. And so, even before trying, I thought perhaps this tea would be a "nice mix" of raspberries and green tea.

This tea contains the following ingredeints : Green tea, hibiscus, blackberry leaves, natural raspberry flavor with other natural flavors, roasted chicory root, and raspberries.

Here is what Celestial Seasonings has to say about their Raspberry Gardens Green Tea. "This wholesome blend features a luscious burst of raspberry flavor to remind you of enjoying delicious fruit fresh from the garden. remember the simple pleasures of a lazy, hazy summer day with a steaming cup."

Yet, I was somewhat disappointed with the "end product", so to speak. Why? Well, nowhere - and I mean nowhere - could you find even a smidgen of taste of green tea. Yet, by the same token, I suspect the green tea had enough effect on the raspberry ingredients to cause a "odd raspberry taste."

Now, this raspberry taste wasn't awful, or even bad. Just different. And one that wasn't my favorite, admittedly - probably all the more so since raspberries are not my favorite thing to begin with.

Yet, I can speak too many bad things about this tea, beyond the lack of any green tea taste. I do think that anyone who really likes raspberries will like this tea to one degree or another. However, if you are searching for a "green tea with a hint of raspberries," then you'll be very disappointed in this tea. In many ways, this tea reminded me of a Raspberry Zinger Herbal Tea with a bit different raspberry taste.

Recommendation : Yes, if you really like raspberries. No, if you don't. Really, this tea reminded me of a raspberry herbal tea - as you can't find the taste of green tea anywhere. And the raspberry taste is a bit different, but not awful by any stretch either. So I give it three stars.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Raspberry Gardens Green Tea
  • Manufacturer : Celestial Seasonings
  • Available from : Celestial Seasonings Tea at Amazon.com
  • Type of Tea : Green Tea
  • Leaf Type : Bagged
  • Date of Review : November 19th, 2006
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Pour 1 cup of near boiling (not actually boiling) water over the tea bag. Let brew 3-4 minutes. Do NOT let brew beyond 5 minutes, otherwise a bitter taste awaits your future. I let the tea brew for 3.5 minutes and I had no complaints.

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