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Adagio Teas Green Pekoe Tea Review

A Tea That Sort of Tastes Like Grass In a Odd Way

Summary : This green tea from Adagio Teas is a very light and delicate tea. That said, for whatever reason, it's not among my favorite of green teas. I sort of felt this tea had a "grassy taste" to it. The aroma was a bit on the "grassy side" too, now that I think of it.

Review : One of the common complaints about green tea, or I should say good loose-leaf green tea, it that the tea can have a "grassy taste" or "grassy aroma" about it. I've sampled quite a few loose-leaf green teas, and really, that hasn't been my impression at all. Yet, sooner or later I knew my luck would run out...and I would have the privilege of drinking a tea that reminded me of grass. And the tea that my luck ran out on was a green tea called Green Pekoe that is put out by Adagio Teas.

I initially had rather high hopes for this tea, due mainly because it was from Adagio Teas and I've come to love their teas. Additionally, I had high hopes for this tea because of the massive leaf size. As always, the leaf quality in this tea was superb...something I've come to expect from Adagio Teas.

Here is how Adagio Teas explains this tea on their website : "Green tea from the Fujian province of China. Green Pekoe (sometimes referred to as Orange Pekoe) is famed as an everyday tea, and is among the most popular teas consumed in China. Its thin, wavy leaves appear almost black when dry. Once infused, however, our 'Green Pekoe Blues' reveals its true color. And produces a light cup with a smooth, mellow taste and a gentle, soothing aroma."

The tea, once brewed, as a very light green color, one of the lightest colors I've seen in a quality loose-leaf green tea, actually.

Yet, the taste wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. I thought long and hard about what this tea tastes a bit like, and in the end, the best way to describe it is that the tea tastes like grass. It even smells a bit like grass.

I have no doubts that this is the way the tea is suppose to taste and smell like. Unfortunately, a tea that smells and tastes like grass just "isn't my thing." So no offense to the pure green tea drinkers of the world...who I have no doubt will like this tea.

On the positive side, this tea has no bitterness. The tea is very smooth and goes down easily. It's just the darn "grass flavor" that undoubtedly is just part of green pekoe tea that I don't like.

Recommendation : Maybe. This is a pure green tea that has both a grassy aroma and grassy flavor. The taste "just wasn't my thing," but perhaps it will be yours. That all said, I definitely do NOT recommend this tea for someone starting out drinking gree tea. But if you love green teas in all shapes and forms, especially those that are unflavored, I have few doubts you will love this tea. The leaves are high quality and the tea lacks any/all bitterness.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Green Pekoe
  • Manufacturer : Adagio Teas
  • Available from : Adagio Teas
  • Type of Tea : Green Tea
  • Leaf Type : Loose
  • Date of Review : December 15th, 2006
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Pour 6 ounces water that has a temperature of 180 degrees (not boiling!), over about 1.5 teaspoons of green tea leaves. You want to use more than 1 teaspoon of leaves with this tea because the leaves are quite large (which throws off precise teaspoon measurements). Let steep for 3 minutes.

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