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Ahmad Teas Vanilla Flavored Black Tea Review

A Better Than Average Vanilla Tea

Summary : This tea is better than other vanilla teas on the market, as the flavor of the black tea doesn't overwhelm the vanilla. Still, this tea will not be your vanilla ice cream replacement.

Review : Vanilla! I love Vanilla! Especially in ice cream. If I could just find a vanilla tea that I liked...which basically means it tastes like ice cream...I would be in heaven. As I could literally have my cake (ice cream) and eat it too (no calories, healthy antioxidants). But alas...it has never meant to be...as I had yet to find a vanilla tea that I enjoyed.

Lipton Raspberry Tea Box

Still, I'm a painslut...and like a stupid Pavlov Dog...I'll try anything that says vanilla on it. And thus it happened on a stormy winter night in Reno that I gave the Vanilla Flavored Black Tea from Ahmad Teas a whirl.

As the Ahmad Tea Company is based in London, their teas are sadly hard to find here in the United States. Happily, Amazon usually has a wide assortment of Ahmad Teas...solving this otherwise sad problem.

Here is how Ahmad Teas describes this tea : "A refreshing blend of exclusive quality teas enhanced with vanilla flavour. Stimulating tea with a resonant, vanilla aroma."

The tea contains the following ingredients : Black tea leaves, apple flavouring.

Make no mistake...this tea has a strong and quite pleasant vanilla aroma. This I took to be a very good sign...as all too many vanilla flavored black teas I've tried before really smelled nothing like vanilla at all.

Sadly, the flavor of this tea was only slightly better than my other bad vanilla flavored tea experiences! Now, to give the tea some credit here...it isn't as bad as other vanilla flavored teas I've had. This is so because the black tea flavor is more moderately strong than is found in others I've had...thus the flavor doesn't overpower the vanilla in the tea.

As a consequence, you definitely get more vanilla flavor from this tea than other vanilla flavored black teas around. Still...the flavor of vanilla is hardly strong. And the flavor that exists is, well, shall we say...no substitute for ice cream!

In a odd sort of way, this tea reminded me of drinking coffee (which I hate) with vanilla creamer added to it. Thus, the tea is drinkable, and isn't awful by any means...but is hardly destined to become my favorite tea in the kitchen cupboard.

Recommendation : Maybe. If you like other vanilla flavored black teas, you should enjoy this one. And if you are lukewarm on other vanilla flavored black tea due to the frequently strong flavor of the black tea, I think you'll like this one too. But if you are searching for the "vanilla ice cream replacement tea," well...you are out of luck...just like me.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Vanilla Flavored Black Tea
  • Manufacturer : Ahmad Teas
  • Available from : Ahmad Teas at Amazon
  • Type of Tea : Flavored Tea
  • Leaf Type : Bagged Tea
  • Date of Review : February 24th, 2007
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Pour boiling water over tea bag. Let brew for 3 minutes. Don't overbrew otherwise the tea will be bitter.

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