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Stash Chai Spice Decaf Black Tea Review

A Very Good & Spicy Decaf Chai Tea

Summary : For a decaf black tea, this one from Stash is surprisingly good. It lacks the bitterness found in many other decaf teas...and being a chai tea, it is nice and spicy, too.

Review : In my tea tasting journeys, I've come across darn few decaffeinated teas that actually have been "drinkable." Oh sure, you could choke them down...they aren't quite THAT bad. But they tend to be awfully close! All too many teas that have been decaffeinated tend to have a rather nasty and bitter taste to them...why I've always recommended that if you don't want caffeine in your tea, drink a herbal tea...it's safer that way.

For this reason, I had few hopes that I might actually like the decaffeinated version of Stash's Chai Spice Black Tea. I did enjoy the non-deaf version (read review), but I was very worried that the general bitterness and downright ugliness that seems to make their way into decaf teas would be found in this one, too.

I was hopefully, admittedly, due to the teas aroma. The aroma of this tea was basically exactly the same as the non-decaf chai tea from Stash.

The Chai Spice Decaf Black Tea from Stash contains the following ingredients : Naturally decaffeinated black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cinnamon oil, clove oil, allspice, nutmeg, close and cardamom oil.

Still, good aroma and all, I was truly braced for the worse when I took my first sip of this tea. Happily, I need not have worried.

Basically, this tea tastes very similar to the non-decaf version of this chai spice tea. It is spicy, flavorful and all in all...quite a good chai tea.

About the only flavor difference I found is that the tea has just a very, very subtle hint of bitterness to it. Thankfully, this bitterness is basically buried underneath the spicy flavor of the tea in general, but it is there if you go looking for it.

Overall, if you are looking for a decaf chai black tea, this one is a good tea to go with. It isn't as good as most non-decaf chai teas I've had, but overall...this tea isn't that bad at all.

Recommendation : Yes. While not as good as the non-decaf version of this tea, this tea is still quite good...rather surprisingly for a decaf tea. Most bitterness and nastiness found in other decaf teas is missing in this one.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Chai Spice Decaf Black Tea
  • Manufacturer : Stash
  • Available from : Stash Tea at Amazon
  • Type of Tea : Black Tea
  • Leaf Type : Bagged
  • Date of Review : January 20th, 2007
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Pour 1 cup boiling water over tea bag. Let brew for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy.

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