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Stash Chai Spice Black Tea Review

A Surprisingly Good & Spicy Chai Tea

Summary : A very good and quite spicy chai black tea from Stash Teas...even without anything added to it.

Review : One thing I like about tea is that there is, quite literally, a "tea for any mood." Want to go to bed...try a chamomile tea. Not feeling well....try a peppermint tea. Feeling sleepy or depressed...try a chai tea, the spice of which is bound to rejuvenate you to some degree.

And so it was that today I found myself both sleepy and somewhat depressed. Needling a natural pick me up, I almost craved a chai tea. And then I remembered I had plenty of chai teas, as I had bought a Stash Chai Tea Sampler. So I opened it up and grabbed the first one that came to hand...called chai spice black tea.

Here is how Stash describes this tea : "For our interpretation of this classic Indian drink, we blend rich, flavorful Indian black teas and cinnamon, clove, ginger and cardamom. The brewed tea is very aromatic with a flavor that is slightly sweet, strong and penetrating, with rich, full bodied lingering flavor notes. This tea is very pleasant plain, or with milk (regular or evaporated) and sugar added. It is exceptional any time of day, as a rich morning cup, enjoyable dessert tea or as a special taste treat."

The Chai Spice Black Tea from Stash contains the following ingredients : Blended black tea, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, clove and natural flavors of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom.

With the exception of the other chai teas from Stash, admittedly, I've been rather lukewarm on their teas. Yet, as this was a chai tea...I sort of was hoping for something "tasty." And happily, I was not disappointed.

Like other chai teas, this tea...despite being a bagged tea...packs quite the aromatic punch to it. Open up the foil wrapper and bang...you know you are about to experience a very strong chai tea.

The flavor of this matched the aroma, happily. The flavor was pretty much what you would expect of a chai tea...spicy, with a strong flavor of cinnamon. Even better...Stash didn't throw in a bunch of pepper to this tea. While I do like teas that have pepper in them, sometimes the pepper is "overdone." Since this tea doesn't contain pepper, Stash spiced up this tea with a hefty dose of cinnamon and allspice...and it works quite nicely.

The tea also lacks any sort of bitterness and produces a nice, rather spicy lingering after-taste too.

So, if you like chai teas, definitely give this one a try. Is it up to the standards of a good loose-leaf tea? No...of course not. But for something bagged out of the grocery store, this tea is surprisingly good.

Recommendation : Yes. For a bagged supermarket tea, this tea is surprisingly good and spicy. Anyone who enjoys chai teas should like this one. And for people who never have had a chai tea before, this tea is as good as any to start out with.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Chai Spice Black Tea
  • Manufacturer : Stash
  • Available from : Stash Tea at Amazon
  • Type of Tea : Black Tea
  • Leaf Type : Bagged
  • Date of Review : January 18th, 2007
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Pour 1 cup boiling water over tea bag. Let brew for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy.

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