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Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond Black Tea Review

An Interesting Almond Flavored Tea

Summary : This is kind of an interesting tea. Unlike many flavored black teas, this one doesn't have a overhwleming black tea flavor. However, I found the almond flavor quite weak, although the vanilla flavor was rather pleasant.

Review : I love almond teas. Reason? Almonds equal amaretto...and I positively adore Amaretto! Indeed, it is probably a good thing that I'm poor...otherwise I'd live off of Amaretto and Seven-Up's! Far as I'm concerned, in the "liquer" world...Amaretto is TOPS and is the best addition to any mixed drink.

But sadly, I can't afford good quality Amaretto...at $20 a bottle...who can? And so, I must lower my standards a bit and try to get my Amaretto kick from tea instead. And so far...things have been a disappointment.

Yet, I love pain...so figured I would give a tea from the Republic of Tea, called Vanilla Almond Black Tea, a try...in hopes that a miracle might happen and I could fall in love with this tea.

This flavored black tea from the Republic of Tea contains the following ingredients : Finest black tea leaves blended with natural vanilla flavor and almond pieces.

Here is how the Republic of Tea describes this tea : "Vanilla Almond Tea from The Republic of Tea has the smoothness of Madagascar vanilla beans which permeates the first sip of this tea, sweetening the cup. A nutty almond note follows which sends it to the realm of dessert."

Admittedly, I have a hard time visualizing this tea as a "desert replacement." And if you want a after-dinner tea...go with a good Chocolate Mint tea...it will blow away this tea for an after-dinner tea anyday of the week.

The aroma of this tea was somewhat surprising...in that it had a nice, subtle fragrance to it. The leaves definitely had a "vanilla tinge" to it in the fragrance department. You could also get a hint of the almond aroma too.

The flavor of this tea was different...but in a good way. All too many flavored black teas really taste like a strong black tea...with whatever was added to it buried under the powerful black tea flavor.

This tea didn't have that. The black tea flavor was quite subdued...although still noticeable. Additionally, the "pucker factor" frequently found in flavored black teas was also missing...another good thing.

The vanilla flavor in this tea was pleasant but will in no way become a vanilla ice cream replacement. Still, I found the vanilla flavor of the tea "just right," neither too strong nor too weak.

The disappointment, however, was in the almond flavor. The flavor of almonds is there...as you can get a slight taste of the nutty flavor almonds put into a tea. However, the flavor was very weak...and is nearly but not quite buried under the vanilla flavor.

Lastly, this tea...very happily...had no bitterness at all. This alone makes this tea memorable, as all too many black teas...and flavored black teas in particular...come pre-loaded with lots of bitterness.

Overall, I enjoyed this tea. While not destined to become my favorite, if you do enjoy vanilla teas, odds are high you'll like this one. However, if you are in search of a Amaretto replacement, this tea will not fit the bill...so keep searching...and drop me a line when you find it.

Recommendation : Yes. Anyone who enjoys a vanilla tea will like this tea. If you want a strong almond flavored tea, though, you will not like the rather weak almond flavor the tea has.

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : Vanilla Almond Black Tea
  • Manufacturer : Republic of Tea
  • Available from : Republic of Teas at Amazon.Com
  • Type of Tea : Black Tea
  • Leaf Type : Loose Leaf
  • Date of Review : February 26th, 2007
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Use 1 teaspoon of leaves. Pour boiling water over leaves. Let brew 4-5 minutes.

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