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Ahmad Teas English Black Tea Review

A Odd But Not Bad Tasting Black Tea

Summary : This tea is balanced, just as it is advertised as. But just because it is balanced doesn't mean it is a great tea. Indeed...I found the flavor of this tea just plain "odd." The bergamot flavoring in the tea produces a unique, but not entirely pleasing, taste to the tea.

Review : I've come to like Ahmad Teas. Probably because they are one of the few places who black teas I enjoy...mainly because the flavor of their black tea isn't so darn strong that it makes you pucker when you take your first sip. Yeah, yeah, yeah...you can always add "stuff" to black tea to remove that "pucker factor," but if I wanted to have milk...I'd go buy a carton of Chocolate Milk and do it right.

For this reason, my heart didn't sink and my taste buds didn't become defensive when I decided to give their English Tea, a black tea flavored wtih bergamot, a try.

Here is how Ahmad Teas describes this tea : "A blend of exclusive quality teas lightly flavoured with bergamot. A delightful cup for all occasions. Balanced in aroma, colour and strength. Packaged in the United Kingdom."

The aroma of the tea right outside of the pouch was quite nice. Indeed...it was surprisingly powerful considering it was a bagged tea. And it had just enough of a similarity with other good black teas that I've tried that had bergamot in it to really lift my hopes up.

But sadly, the flavor of this tea simply didn't match either my expectations or the teas aroma. I simply found the flavor of this tea to be "odd." There is no other way to describe it. It doesn't taste like a traditional black tea. But it doesn't taste like any other black teas with bergamot that I've tried either. It is, in essence...sort of out there on its own...with its own unique and not entirely pleasant flavor.

This does not mean that the tea is bad. No. It just means that this tea is just your ordinary "run of the mill" bagged black tea...something worth trying as you won't die from it...but not something that will long be memorable.

Additionally, like all too many black teas...this tea has quite the negative after-taste. And I personally was surprised to find the after-taste worse in this tea than many straight and traditional black teas I've had. Perhaps even more morbid...the after-taste simply lingers on and on and on. A fine quality if you like the flavor of the after-taste...but the kiss of death if you don't!

Overall, if you feel in an experimental mood, give this tea a try. It won't kill you. And who knows...you may even like it. But I have a sneaky suspicion that black tea purists will find plenty to gripe about in this tea, as will people like me who enjoy bergamot flavored black teas.

Recommendation : Maybe. If you feel experimental, give it a try. And if you love black tea in all forms, then by all means...order some of this tea as I have no doubt that you will enjoy this tea too. But, for all others...well...be prepared for a "unique tea tasting experience."

Tea Information and Brewing Instructions

  • Tea Reviewed : English Black Tea
  • Manufacturer : Ahmad Teas
  • Available from : Ahmad Teas at Amazon
  • Type of Tea : Black Tea
  • Leaf Type : Bagged
  • Date of Review : February 25th, 2007
  • Tea Rating :
  • Brewing Instructions : Pour boiling water over tea bag. Let brew for 3 minutes.

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