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Jasmine Health Benefits & Information

Jasmine Blossoms. Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Jasmine is a flower that has many uses indeed. Besides being a tasty and delightful addition to any tea, the oil in jasmine leaves is frequently used in perfumes and incense due to its strong and generally very pleasing aromatic properties.

There are over 200 species of jasmine. Due to this wide variety, jasmine of one kind or another can be grown in a multitude of climates. This has made jasmine an ideal plant for flower gardens, wedding parties and the list goes on.

The health benefits of jasmine itself are a bit mixed and not fully understood. Jasmine does have antioxidants in it, but how much remains once used in a tea is not fully known. For pure antioxidant value, it is best to find a green tea that has jasmine flowers infused in it...this way you get the flavor of jasmine and the antioxidants of a green tea.

Additionally, jasmine is popular in aromatheraphy. In particular, the sweet, flowery smell of jasmine is widely known to be a stress reliever. And I personally can attest to that, actually...as I find simply drinking a tea with jasmine in it makes me feel more relaxed. Whether there is any actual health benefits beyond immediate relaxation I can't say...but for quick relaxation jasmine tea does indeed work quite nicely, at least for me.

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