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Jasmine Tea Reviews

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Jasmine Flowers - Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

So what on earth is a jasmine tea? Good question...I'll answer it for you. A "Jasmine Tea" is one which contains jasmine flowers or at least the scent and flavor of jasmine. There are more than 200 hundreds of varities of jasmine flowers, allowing there to be literally endless combinations of tastes - one reason this type of tea is increasing in popularity.

Jasmine tea can take the form in one of three ways. The first is where jasmine flowers are infused into traditional tea leaves (such as being added to black tea or oolong tea). The second type of jasmie tea is where the tea contains no tea leaves at all...just jasmine flowers. And the third is where traditional tea, such as green tea leaves, are naturally infused with jasmine flavor since jasmine is grown next to the tea leaves. As the jasmine blooms, it imparts its flavor and its aroma into the tea...naturally.

Either way, jasmine is a beautiful flower to look at...and is superb in many teas. And a quality jasmine tea will have the unique ability to, quite literally, bring the fragrance of a flower garden directly into your home.

Listed below are links to reviews on this site of various teas that contain jasmine flowers or have been infused...naturally or otherwise...with the scent and flavor of jasmine flowers. Just click any of the links to read the full review.

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