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Flavored Tea Reviews

I love flavored teas. Where else can you essentially get a calorie-free mint-chocolate drink - that is also good for you too!

Flavored teas are generally, but not always, traditional teas (such as black, oolong, white or green) that are then infused with other ingredients to give the tea a new and unique taste. Black tea in particular is frequently used in creating various flavored teas.

However, you can also find numerous herbal teas in the flavored teas category. Because of this, if you are looking for a flavored tea and do not see something listed on this page, be sure to check out our reviews of Herbal Teas as you'll find a bewildering array of tastes there too!

Listed on this page are all the reviews of flavored tea's that are listed on this site.

Herbal Tea Books

Healthy Teas: Green-Black-Herbal-Fruit : In Healthy Teas, author Tammy Safi has specially created the recipes to maximize the health benefits of all tea ingredients, whether they are fruits, exotic floral blends, or any of the many types of tea leaves.

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