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A Habanero Pepper
Habanero Pepper - Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Who would have thought...spice in tea? Well, guess what, if you are a spice-a-holic, you are in luck...as there are a fair amount of teas in this world that do indeed have spice.

Now, I'm not talking about earth-shattering heat here. Instead, I'm talking about teas that have some "kick to them."

Generally, these teas have a healthy dose of various peppers (such as black pepper) and cinnamon infused into the tea. Most commonly, these teas are either Chai Teas or Herbal Teas. However, even many standard black teas have some spice to their lives, such as many Earl Grey Teas.

Thus, if you are a spice junkie and still want your dose of tea, have no fear, as their is a tea somewhere to meet your need.

Listed below are links to reviews of teas on this site that either have, or are supposed to have, a "spicy kick" to them...at least as judged by myself. Just click on any of the links to read the full reviews.

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