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Cinnamon Tea Reviews

Cinnamon - Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Who doesn't like cinnamon? It's one of the greatest flavors ever! I mean, talk about adding a nice "kick" to something. Cinnamon in particular is a wonderful "get me going" type of thing, ideal in the morning when you are sleepy or during the mid-afternoon when you are bored at work.

Because I love cinnamon, I always will try a tea that supposedly tastes like cinnamon. Admittedly, I've had my share of disappointments, but have had enough positive experiences to keep plugging along with my experimentation.

Listed below are links to reviews of teas on this site that either have a taste, or are supposed to have a taste, of cinnamon.

General Tea Books

The Book of Tea : The Book of Tea provides a comprehensive history and background of the beloved ritual of tea, providing photographed accounts of tea farming, tea barons and, teatime, and capturing the various tastes and nuances of teas from around the world.

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