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Safeway Select Teas : Reviews of Teas

So what on earth are Safeway Select tea? Simple...they are the "ultimate" of store brand tea...in this case...tea that is labelled with the supermarket name! Or, in this case, teas that are labelled and sold by the Safeway Grocery Store chain in the United States.

I can't give you any other information about these teas from Safeway, sadly. First because the box has no information about them. And secondly...Safeway doesn't even list the teas on their website at the time of this writing!!

Listed below are the reviews of Safeway Teas that are available on this site. All teas are bagged and came from a tea sampler box I stumbled across while shopping at my local Safeway one night. I've never seen the sampler box since...so have no idea if I was lucky or if they discontinued this particular sampler.

Just click any of the links to read the full review.

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