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Okuma Nutritionals, to the best of my knowledge, only has one tea - their well-known Wu-Long Slimming Tea, which is an Oolong Tea. Their slimming tea is quite popular among dieters since it may help increase metabolism, reduce carbs and burn fat. I can't comment on whether or not the health statements advertised for the tea work, nor will I evaluate the tea based on the health benefits claimed. Instead, as I do for all the other tea reviews on this site, the review for Okuma Nutritionals Wu-Long Slimming Tea on this site is based solely on the taste and whether or not I enjoyed drinking the tea.

Okuma Nutritionals Slimming tea is available through their own website at WuLongForLife, Amazon, and probably is available offline at many health food and nutrition type stores. Note, the WuLongForLife website provides much more information about the health benefits of the tea. Before purchasing this tea somewhere else, I'd advise checking out their website to gather more information about the tea if you plan on using Okuma Nutritionals Slimming Tea for weight loss. Visit the WuLongForLife website.

Click the link below to read the review of Okuma Nutritionals Wu-Long Slimming Tea, which is an Oolong tea.

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