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Little Snowbird Tea Reviews

Bet you haven't heard of this company before, have you? I certainly hadn't, until some tea samples from them showed up in my mailbox one day.

Little Snowbird Teas is a small, online tea shop that specializes in teas for children as well as the "young at heart." And indeed, you can tell looking over their tea selection that they have very unique teas that should go over well with children (Bubble Gum Blast Tea anyone?) and others who do not necessarily like "traditional" teas (such as Egg Nog Tea, Bahama Breeze Tea, to name just a few unique ones). In addition to these different house blended teas, Little Snowbird also carries traditional teas as well, some of which are organic.

Listed below are reviews of teas from Little Snowbird Teas that are available on this site. Click on any of the links to read the full reviews.

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