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The name Global Brands is not exactly a name that is like to excite a tea connaisseur. And the price you pay for these bagged teas is not likely to give someone much confidence either...I paid 50 cents a box...with each box including 25 tea bags...thus a cost of 2 cents for each bag of tea!

And indeed...Global Brands is not a premium tea. It is simply a name attached to the tea by a import company in Philadelpha, PA. The actual tea that is imported is from Impra Teas which is located in Sri Lanka. I suspect that there are many private label versions of Impra Teas here in the United States. Still...why would anyone private label a tea with the name "Global Brands?"

Yet, Tea Discussion is a equal opportunity tea review site...which means I'll review any tea that I happen to find or gets sent to me...regardless of "status" of the tea. And thus, when I stumbled across several boxes of Global Brands/Impra tea at the Sentry grocery store in East Troy, WI...while visiting my mother...I couldn't pass up the chance to try a new and very inexpensive tea. And to heck with status!

Listed below are reviews of teas from Impra Teas/Global Brands that are available on this site. Click on any of the links to read the reviews.

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