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There are a surprisingly large amount of places to buy tea online anymore. This is no doubt to the increasing popularity of tea itself as well as the Internet's unique ability to make relatively rare products available to anyone - or at least to anyone who takes the time to look for them.

Listed on this page are merchant reviews of online tea shops that I have personally bought tea through. Just click on any of the links below to read a full and thorough review on my thoughts about a particular tea merchant, their website, their ordering system and other facets of an online purchase that potential customers may find of interest.

Note, when I provide an overall rank to a merchant - the most important consideration I have is proper fulfillment of the order (the correct price is charged, the right items are shipped, etc...) and that my order arrives quickly and in "one piece." Other issues that I identify with a merchant aren't necessarily something I'll deduct from a tea merchants total ranking. Thus, a few peculiar website issues won't prevent me from ranking a merchant as 5-stars.

In short, order fulfillment, prompt shipping, no hidden charges, and "no problems" encountered in the order by and large will lead to a 5-star ranking.

Adagio Teas : One of my favorite tea shops. Superb teas. Great customer service. This tea shop has a 5-Star ranking. (Read Review)

Art of Tea : An excellent tea shop with a nice selection of quality teas. All their teas are available in affordable samplers, too. This tea shop has a 5-Star ranking. (Read Review)

Culinary Teas : Another of my favorite tea shops. My first loose-leaf tea was ordered through culinary teas, as was most of my teaware. And I have no complaints. This tea shop has a 5-Star ranking. (Read Review)

Dragonwater Tea Company : Dragonwater went ouf of business in 2011, but I'm keeping the review up for "posterity purposes." (Read Old Review)

Peet's Coffee & Tea : Known more for coffee than tea I suspect, Peet's still has a great selection of tea and excellent prices on their sampler packs. This tea shop, despite a few website issues I found, has a 5-star ranking. (Read Review)

Amazon.Com : Amazon is more than tea, that's for sure. Indeed, tea is an "after-thought" at Amazon. And, Amazon doesn't have any tea of their own. Instead, Amazon is a "clearinghouse" on more than 100 brands of tea. This merchant has a 5-Star ranking. Since you have to be living under a rock to never ordered from Amazon before, I'll refrain from reviewing them. Suffice it to say, Amazon is a great place to buy tea from - and a heck of a lot more. (Browse Teas at Amazon)