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Where to Buy Tea Online

There are so many places to buy tea online it's rather scary actually. Just a few short years ago, well, good luck finding tea anywhere online. Yet today, the web has mushroomed into one seemingly massive octopus of tea suppliers.

And so to help visitors to Tea Discussion locate quality tea sources, I've created this page of merchants who sell tea online. If I have bought tea myself through these retailers, I've noted this in the text as well. You can read detailed reviews of my buying experiences and thoughts in the Tea Merchant Review section, too.

Adagio Teas : One of my favorite tea shops. Superb teas. Large selection. Great customer service. (Read Merchant Review of Adagio Teas)

Culinary Teas : Another of my favorite tea shops. I love Culinary Teas because they have a MASSIVE selection of teas, all of which can be bought in trial sizes. (Read Merchant Review of Culinary Teas)

Mighty Leaf Teas : Makes some of the best bagged teas available.

Art of Tea : Art of Tea has an extensive selection of quality teas, including a wide assortment of affordable sample packs. (Read Merchant Review of Art of Tea)

Amazon.Com : Not the first retailer that pops to mind when one thinks of "tea", but it's a great place to find tea, that's for sure. They carry more than 100 brands of tea, from the supermarket variety to the exotic and rare.

Okuma Nutritionals : They only sell one tea, the well known and quite popular Wu-Long "Slimming Tea" - a 100% natural Oolong Tea that is assists with weight loss.

Organic India : Organic India sells only certified Organic Teas. They also sell Tulsi Teas, which are one of the most popular tea brands in India.

thePuriTea : thePuriTea has a wide assortment of teas, including many affordable sample packs. Additonally, all tea orders come with a sampler, too. You can thus try the sampler for a particular tea and, if you don't like it, return it. Kind of a nice policy.

Generation Tea : Generation Tea carries upper-end tea that is of the highest quality.

Casteas : Has a wide variety of teas that use 100% natural ingredients. One interesting note - they also make custom blends by customer request, allowing you to create your own teas.

Tazo Tea's at Amazon : Tazo's teas are widely available in retail stores, however, few places have the whole selection of teas that Tazo makes. Until recently, you could buy the full line at the Tazo Store. However, for some odd reason, Tazo closed their online tea store. Happily, Amazon sells the entire line of Tazo teas.

California Tea House : California Tea House is the only online tea store where you can buy the best tea, all loose leaf teas and blooming tea with free shipping on all orders.

Special Tea Company : They have a wide variety of custom blends, with a heavy focus on organic teas. Both loose leaf and bagged tea are available.

Eat Green Tea : Edible green tea products, as well as many tasty recipes on how to eat green tea.

Coffee Wholesaler : Coffee Wholesaler sells a wide variety of standard brand teas (such as Tazo and Bigelow) at competitive prices.

Little Snowbird Children's Tea : A online tea shop that has many unique teas...many created just for kids as well as adults with sweet-tooth's, such as myself.

Oolong Tea from Taiwan : This small online tea shop, called IshopO.Com, sells a small line of high quality Oolong loose-leaf tea.

Tea Brews : A provider of only high grade premium tea.

Darjeeling Tea Boutique : A small tea shop that sells only high grade darjeeling tea.

Darjeeling Tea Express : DarjeelingTeaXpress is a Darjeeling (India) based company with a singular focus on delivering the best Darjeeling Tea.

Wild Tea Qi : Wild, ancient and artisan gourmet organic teas, including a specialty in ancient tree teas.

Whispering Pines Tea : Inspired by the wilderness of Northern Michigan, Whispering Pines Tea has a large selection of loose leaf teas available.

Tea Needs : Sells only the finest teas from Japan, China and Taiwan.

Rhymba Hills : Promotes 100% natural, individually packed, Lemon Grass Tea and Misai Kucing Tea. At Abundance Living Enterprise, we believe Mother Nature has all the answers for common health ailments.

How to Get Listed Here : If you are a tea retailer to the general public, you can be listed here for free. Just drop me an email using the address from the contact page. Note that a link from your site back to Tea Discussion is required to get a free listing on this page.