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One of the reasons tea is surging in popularity both here in the United States as well as in other places of the world is due to its recently discovered health benefits. Listed on this page are various books that cover this topic in-depth, providing detailed information about the various health benefits a consumer can find in green teas, herbal teas and other teas.

All of these books are available through Amazon.com.

20,000 Secrets of Tea: The Most Effective Ways to Benefit from Nature's Healing Herbs : Teas are the gentle, natural, most beneficial way to absorb the healing properties of herbs--easily and inexpensively. A simple cup of tea not only has the power to soothe and relax but to deliver healing herbal agents to the bloodstream more quickly than capsules, tinctures, or infusions. Feeling tired? Rose hip tea will rev you up and beautify your skin. Need some help with your diet? Ginger tea will provide the boost you need and help aching joints too. Hot or iced, these pure and simple drinks offer delicious ways to stay healthy and revitalize you from the inside out.    More Info

Chinese Health Tea : Everyone knows about tea but most people know little about health tea. Recent studies on tea have proved that tea can remove greasiness, refresh the mind, lower blood pressure, activate qi and blood, kill bacteria, treat inflammation, protect viscera, alleviate exposure to radioactivity, replenish vitamins, protect teeth, prevent diarrhea and cancer, and eliminate foul breath. Basically there are four types of health tea: tea for health care, tea for prevention, tea for treatment and tea for rehabilitation. This book introduces more than 700 kinds of health tea for treatment or prevention of diseases.    More Info

Healing Herbal Teas: A Complete Guide to Making Delicious, Healthful Beverages : A guide to Herbal Teas, their health benefits and how to properly make them.    More Info

Healing Teas : Amazon Customer Review : This book not only gives a description of the different types of teas, it tells how they are processed from the same plant to make the different teas and the history of tea from China to India, to Japan, to Europe, to America. There is a whole section on terminology used for herbal teas, how to grow, cultivate, harvest, dry and store them. One section talks about the utensils used to brew a cup of tea, while another section talks about what herbs are used for what medical condition. What sets this book apart from other herbal tea books is how the individual herbs have subtitled sections for description & parts used, historical notes, scientific findings, traditional use, and considerations.    More Info

Healthy Teas: Green-Black-Herbal-Fruit : In Healthy Teas, author Tammy Safi has specially created the recipes to maximize the health benefits of all tea ingredients, whether they are fruits, exotic floral blends, or any of the many types of tea leaves. Inside, you'll find more than 80 easy recipes--from immune-boosting teas to springtime tonics and teas to detox and cleanse. Discover morning pick-me-ups as well as relaxing teas for stress relief and calming sleep.    More Info

Herbal Teas: 101 Nourishing Blends for Daily Health & Vitality : This guide to blending and brewing healthful herb teas includes easy-to-make recipes and anecdotes from several renowned herbalists. Readers will find teas for the head and throat, digestion, nervous system, lungs, bones and joints, skin, and more.    More Info

Lose Weight with Green Tea: A Safe Weight-Loss Method That Works : Documented research reveals what Asian cultures have known for centuries: Green Tea, rich in antioxidants, increases metabolism and helps burn fat. Lose Weight With Green Tea provides all the information you need to incorporate Green Tea safely and sensibly into a successful weight control program.    More Info

The Green Tea Book: China's Fountain of Youth : Using scientific research, The Green Tea Book examines each benefit, from the prevention of cancer and heart disease to simulating mental clarity and reducing cholesterol levels. Polyphenols, naturally occurring compounds found in green tea, supplement the body's antioxidant levels and are the primary mechanism by which green tea prevents the formation of cancer. In addition to the health benefits, Mitscher and Dolby present the history of green tea as well as guidelines for choosing, brewing, and storage. The Green Tea Book is the complete guide to green tea and will help you understand why it works and how you can use it for both its health-promoting qualities and its great taste.    More Info

The Green Tea Lifestyle : Keith and Gillian Bales are the couple next door who had no aspirations whatsoever of writing a book. After discovering and fine-tuning their Green Tea Lifestyle the Bales' excitement has led them to share their revelations about weight loss with others. Presently Keith is the administrator of a juvenile justice facility, and Gillian is a stay-at-home mom and a licensed real estate agent.    More Info

The Ultimate Tea Diet: How Tea Can Boost Your Metabolism, Shrink Your Appetite, and Kick-Start Remarkable Weight Loss : The Ultimate Tea Diet harnesses tea's incredible weight-loss potential in a straightforward plan for losing weight in a safe and healthy way. Tea's ability to encourage weight loss comes from the synergy of its three main ingredients: caffeine to stimulate, L-theanine to neutralize the harmful side effects of caffeine and act as an appetite suppressant, and EGCG, which causes you to burn fat faster and more efficiently. In other words, tea reduces your appetite and stimulates your metabolism.    More Info


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