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Any merchant who sells or manufacturers tea is welcome to submit a tea(s) for review. I will review any tea submitted. Any tea submitted will have the review posted on the site in the same format as other teas that are reviewed.

General Information about Teas Submitted for Review:

  • Teas that are submitted for review will have a line inserted at the end of each review that says "This Tea Was Submitted for Review by XXXXX".
  • Additionally, a link back to the merchants website will also be provided, if applicable.
  • If the tea merchant that submitted the tea doesn't offer an online tea store, then a link to a merchant that does sell that tea online will also be provided.
  • All teas submitted will be reviewed without bias!
  • Other ads may be run on the page where the tea review appers, mainly "ads by Google" and books from Amazon.Com.
  • Teas that are submitted will NOT be returned, for obvious reasons. It is best to submit small sample sizes, not huge containers of one particular type of tea. The more samples I get, the more reviews you get.
  • Teaware will also be reviewed, such as tea pots, tea cups, etc...These items, if submitted, will be reviewed but will not be returned either.
  • All attempts will be made to review a submitted tea within a reasonable time period, but at times it may take several weeks to several months for the review to be posted. So please be patient. I manage and code this and my other websites alone, and also do extensive traveling.

Where to Send Tea for Review

Currently not accepting new teas for review. Soonest new teas will be accepted is Autumn of 2015.


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